Simple Pom Pom Bear Craft

We’re back again with another fun pom pom craft and this time we are making an adorable pom pom bear craft.

This little creature is really easy to make and can be used as a key chain, a toy, a decoration or in many other cool ways.

Cute Pom Pom Bear Craft

Pom Pom Bear Craft

To make this pom pom bear we used 125 wraps of yarn around a book (if you’re not familiar with this technique you can see the pom pom tutorial here).

Making the Pom Poms

Cut 1/3 off the end of the yarn and tie. This is the head.
Cut the other 2/3 in half and stack on top of each other. Tie and this is the body.

Two Parts

Trim to make a nicer round shape.

Tie body and head together.

Materials for the Pom Pom Bear
Brown Felt to Match Yarn
Tan Felt
Google Eyes
Hot Glue
Black Permanent Marker


Cut two large ear shapes out of the dark brown felt, smaller ear shapes out of the tan felt and a circle mouth/face out of the tan felt. Use a permanent marker to draw the face onto the circle felt.

Affix all items with hot glue.

Adorable Bear Craft

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