Owl Paper Toys – Fun Paper Toy to Color

We’ve got an owelsome and slightly different “coloring page” to share with you today! If you are a fan of paper toys and coloring you’ll fall in love with these owl paper toys. Quickly turn on your printer and bring out your favorite coloring supplies as it’s time to color and fold.Adorable Owl Paper Toys to Color

Owl Paper Toys to Color with your favorite colors!

While owls aren’t the most colorful creature in the nature, when you have owl paper toys to color, there really are no limits! Go with the fall color schemes, or make your owl look like she (or he) flew right from space.

I recommend you print these on heavier paper – they turned out great on 120g paper (they are dooble with regular print paper though). Heavier paper also allows you to use wider selection of coloring mediums as the paper won’t get wet and you’ll have less bleed through.

Get this paper toy

Grab the owls paper toys (back and white to color)

This little one is easy to assemble. I’ve created this handy diagram to help you out.

All you have to do is print the template. Once printed it’s best to first color it (and allow it to dry if you used markers that are water based).


Where to Cut and Where to Fold

Cut the outline (as marked by the red lines in the image above) and fold the folds (as marked by the green lines in the image above). Apply glue and put together.

3 More Cool Designs to Color


Owl Paper Toys to Color

Beautiful Owl Coloring Pages

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