Handprint Flower Bouquet Craft – Mother’s Day Idea

With Mother’s day just around the corner we though it would be a great time to share this hand pint flower craft with you which doubles up as a nice Mother’s day card too!

This little craft is super personal too as kids have to trace their own hand to make it work. Suck a sweet little keepsake to cherish for years to come.

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We love it when kids get crafty to make presents or cards for their loved one and this handprint flower craft, well traced hand holding a flower bouquet craft to be more precise is just so cute.

You can even upgrade it a bit and instead of kids just tracing their hand, have them paint it and stamp it first and then trace it. This way this craft will be even more personal.

If you are on a lookout for a cute Mother’s day craft idea this one is certainly one to consider. We think this one is perfect for the classroom too, it’s easy and quick to make and supplies for making this craft are certainly on the frugal side.

Ready to surprise your loved ones with a cute kid made card.

Handprint Flower Craft for Kids

Handprint Flower Bouquet Craft

What you need

  • construction paper in many colors
  • paper punch (scallop circle)
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • glue

We Have a Video Tutorial for this Project

Or You can Follow the Step by Step Instructions

Trace the hand on one of the construction papers.

You can use a skin tone color or any color really.

Cut the hand out.

So fun looking don’t you think.

Punch flowers out of many colors.

We used the scallop circle punch but you can also free-hand it.

Kids do love using the paper punches though.

Cut circles out of yellow paper.

They need to be smaller than flowers (we traced the glue lid).

Glue the yellow circles on the flowers.

The more flowers the merrier (as long as they fit on the paper).

Glue the hand on the paper.

Do not glue down the fingers!

Cut green strips of paper.

Glue the strips and flowers on the paper as shown on the image bellow.

Push the fingers back, making the loop and glue them.

All done your Handprint Flower Bouquet Craft is finished.


Cute Handprint Flower Craft


Cute Handprint Flower Craft for Kids

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