Free Printable Christmas Coloring Page

I was busy drawing again an this time it’s a jolly one! I’ve got a brand new free printable Christmas coloring page (for adults and for kids) for you!

Aren’t coloring pages for adults just the best?

Intricate Christmas Coloring Page for Adults and Kids

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Free  Printable Christmas Coloring Page for Adults and Kids

I have no idea why I thought I’d draw this one in no time – the idea seemed so simple to do in the head but I ended up adding detail after detail and in the end (as I can get quite lost in drawing) I though my hand will fall off. Talk about stiffness. But it was well worth it as I’m loving this jolly one as it’s quite challenging and will take quite a while to color.

I colored it using Sharpie’s mostly (but the little details are quite hard to color with those as they do bleed through the lines ugh – but you got to love their colors). This one does scream for being colored with something that either has a metallic shine or glitter in it so I’d certainly give gel pens a go.

Get the Intricate Christmas Coloring Page

P.S. Stay tuned as I’ll be soon adding Christmas coloring cards to the blog!

Super intricate books with a dash of jolly

Christmas Design Adult Coloring Book – this one has many intricate designs from adorable stockings to ornaments!

Magic Christmas – as in the end it is the most magical time of the year!

Creative Haven Christmas Trees – creative haven books are on top of my favorites list as they are all printed on one side only and you can easily take individual pages out (making it easier to color and to frame if you so wish).

More Free Coloring Pages

I have another Christmas coloring page on the blog so be sure to check that one too! As for something not so Christmassy why not give this dream catcher coloring page a go.

Free Printable Christmas Coloring Page

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