Button Flowers Canvas

If you’ve got a thing for buttons (ie get them whenever possible) and want to make something simple with your kids do give this button flowers canvas craft a go!

Buttons are great for mixed media art and this simple one is a great introduction craft for the kiddos.Button Flowers Canvas Art

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So I might have a thing for buttons. Might might be an understatement. I’m button crazy! When it gets to sewing (not really a pro at it but can certainly sew on a button) I’ll certainly be buying a more expensive pair or two but when it comes to crafting, I opt for cheaper alternatives (as a button hoarders I really must ha) so let’s look into some good button buys!

Ebay! I’ve been buying them from ebay for years, it was only recently though that thought of looking for color assorted lots that are a STEAL!!! Then there’s also Blitsy which always offers their craft supplies at insane prices and buttons are no exception. Dollar Stores also have great packs sometimes (they usually sell a 10 pack I’ve noticed but here and there you can get an assorted bag with a whole lot of buttons woohoo).

Craft Button Lots in different colors

All Kinds of Buttons on Blitsy

And these are the little ones I used in this project

Button Flowers Canvas Craft

What you need

  • canvas
  • buttons in different sizes and colors
  • blue and green paint
  • brush (we used sponge brush)
  • glue (stick glue is good for beginners but glue gun will make this little project last)
  • green Sharpie marker

Paint the canvas blue. Let it dry for a while before painting the grass with green. Let it dry.

Take a larger yellow button and glue it onto the canvas. Now draw the flowers stem with a green Sharpie marker (add some leaves too if you like). Once the yellow button is set start sticking smaller (or larger) colorful buttons around it to complete the whole flower. Repeat with other flowers.

You can make the flowers even more dimensional – use a large yellow button and glue (preferably with glue gun) a smaller yellow (or orange) button or two on top of that one.

Button Craft Flower Canvas

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