Little Bugs Coloring Pages for Kids

As the temperatures are slowly rising bugs are coming back! Let’s welcome them with these cute bugs coloring pages!

Coloring pages are great for stress relief and they can also help with teaching some basic skills – like writing and even some simple math!

Bugs Coloring Pages

These will be great for just having some fun or for learning to recognize letters.

Perfect for a spring rainy day (and usually there are quite a few of them) when you and your kids are stuck indoors or to keep the kids busy while you need a few minutes for yourself or to get things done.

They will also come in handy for preschool and kindergarten if kids have a bug or insect themed unit in their curriculum – and most of them do.

Bugs Coloring Pages Free Printable

Free Bug Coloring Pages

Little Bugs Coloring Pages for Kids

This little pack has 10 pages!

There are 9 different bugs included:

  • antAnt Coloring Page


  • bee



  • grasshopper


  • butterfly

Butterfly Coloring Page


  • praying mantis

Praying Mantis

  • dragonfly


  • spider (eek)


  • caterpillar


  • ladybug

Ladybug Coloring Page

  • and a page with all the bugs together (probably having a party… Or praying on each other).

Bugs Coloring Pages

Color them all in one go or just your kids favorite ones (I know I’d skip the spider personally haha).

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  1. Thank you so very much for sharing. It has defenitely made things a bit faster. Normally i come up with an idea on the moment and draw the picture but soon things can turn upsidedown in no time… so thank you.

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