Glow In The Dark 3D Paper Christmas Tree

Here is a fun glow in the dark 3d paper Christmas tree paper craft that will put a huge smile on your little ones face.

You would like to get your little one to use scissors more often? Then this craft is for you.

Glow in the Dark 3D Paper Christmas Tree Paper Craft

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Paper Craft Trees


Glow In The Dark – 3D Paper Christmas Tree Paper Craft

At the end of the day this cute tree can even serve as little night light and encouragement to go to bed on time?! It worked for us! (…for a little while that is…).

Glow in the Dark Christmas Trees Paper Craft

How to make this 3D Paper Christmas Tree Paper Craft

1. Print of the template!  You can get the 3D Paper Tree Template here

2. Cut out the stars and use them as template for more stars.

3. Let your Little One cut out the tree and have him/her cut along the inner lines of the tree. Depending on the age you might need to help a little.

4. Check that all the lines are cut!

5. Paint front and back of the tree. Let it dry both times!

6. Fold the paper stripes inside the tree to create the 3D appearance.

7. Stars: We used a Glow-in-the-Dark paint spray I found at our local craft shop. We then simply spraid the “glow” on to the paper, outlined the stars and cut them out.

Making the Christmas Tree Paper Craft

Another option of course is to buy already shaped and cut stars that glow in the dark!

Glue the stars on to the painted tree.

And DONE! You have made yourself a GLOWING addition to your Christmas decoration!


This lovely template and craft was created by the very talented Hattifant! She has quite a few more printable Christmas tree templates that she shares on her blog along with many other amazing printable creations.

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