Yarn Wrapped Hearts Craft – Valentines Day Crafts

Love is in the air! Today we are going to show you how to make yarn wrapped hearts. This craft idea is great both for kids and grown ups, making it the one of the coolest Valentine’s day crafts ever.

Lovely Yarn Wrapped Hearts

Yarn Wrapped Hearts Craft – Valentines Day Craft Ideas for Kids

What you need

  • yarn (red, pink or any color really)
  • cardboard paper
  • scissors
  • clear tape
  • pencil


Draw a heart shape on the cardboard. You can help yourself by outlining a cookie cutter or you can just free hand draw the heart.


Cut the heart out. It might be a bit tough to cut it out, depending on the scissors (ours did not do the best job in the world), so this is best suited for an adult to do.


Tie yarn around the heart and tie a knot. Secure with some clear tape.


Start wrapping the yarn around the cardboard heart. Keep it up, wrapping the yarn in all directions, until you get a nice “chunky” heart. Once you’re happy with how your heart looks, tie a knot.

You can even add some thread and make a loop for hanging, in case you would rather have these yarn wrapped hearts as ornaments.

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Yarn Wrapped Hearts

Yarn Wrapped Hearts Craft

Cute Yarn Wrapped Hearts

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