Wooden Spoon Princess Craft

We’ve got a fun craft for all the little princess lovers out there to share today, we’ve made a cool wooden spoon  princess craft.

These wooden spoon puppets are not only fun to make, they can also be used for dramatic play or story time.

Wooden Spoon Princess Craft - Wooden Spoon Puppets

We’re really getting into these spoon puppets so expect to see many more cool ones.

Wooden Spoon Princess Craft

What you need

  • wooden spoons
  • yellow yarn
  • glue – we used a combo of white school glue, Marta Stewards’s Pen Glue (so useful in many crafty endeavours) and Elemr’s stick glue
  • scrapbook paper (or colorful cardstock)
  • scissors
  • sequin, glitter or other decorations
  • markers

Draw a face onto the spoon.

Wrap the yarn around your fingers (or a book) a few times. Cut on one end and tie on the other to get a little spoon wig.

Spoon Wig

Add a generous amount of school glue (or even better, use a glue gun) at the top of the spoon (or would that better be described as bottom really?) and attach the hair. Let it dry.

Making the wooden spoon princess puppets

Cut the princess gowns out of scrapbook paper and decorate with sequin.The pen glue comes really, really hand here but glue stick works out just as nicely.

Cut two tiny little crowns, decorate and stick onto the hair.

Glue the dresses onto the spoons and your wooden spoon princess puppets are ready to do some royal dramatic play.

Princess Wooden Spoon Puppet Crafts

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