Printable Easter Paper Rings for Kids – Easter Craft Template

We have the coolest printable Easter paper rings to share with you today! So if you are looking for a fun Easter craft for kids to make, add this one on your list!

This paper craft is beyond adorable and with our printable ring template you’ll have a handful of fancy paper rings in no time.

Adorable Printable Easter Paper Rings

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These little printable Easter rings are so cute that I am wearing them even now, as I am writing up this tutorial!

We’ve been creating many Easter projects kids can make over the past few weeks, but these rings could very well be my favorite of all!

You’ll find a set that has 2 bunnies, once chick and one Easter egg – and it’s available in both color and black and white which kids can color on their own. While pre-colored are quick and easy, the black and white version is where the magic is at. Fun vivid colors? Yes please! A bit of glitter glue? Time to sparkle!

Cute Printable Easter Paper Rings
We do hope you will love these little cutie pies, as we hope to bring you a whole lot of fun printable paper rings in the near future (can you tell we like them a whole lot?).

As Easter is upon us, now is the best time to start planning on your holiday themed projects. As we are kicking of the ring series, and as the festivities approach, we decided the first set to share with you guys will be Easter themed!

Decorate your fingers with either a blue bunny or a pink one – hopity hop. Fancy chicks a little bit more? We’ve got a chick paper ring too, and as Easter is all about Easter eggs we were sure to include that one too.

These rings not only come in two color versions (black and white and pre-colored) they also come in two sizes to fit younger and older kids.

We think these little guys would make a wonderful Easter basket filler as well as a cool project to do in the classroom (some shapes can be mastered by kids in kindergarten without issues).

Printable Easter Paper Rings

Like this Easter craft idea? Ready to learn how to make your own paper rings? Let’s make them then!

What you need

  • our printable Easter paper rings (template is at the end of this tutorial)
  • sheet of paper (we used heavier print paper -32lb / 120 gms – but these can be done with regular print paper too
  • printer
  • scissors
  • coloring markers, pencils, crayons if you decide to go with our black and white version
  • glitter glue for some sparkle!

We have prepared both a video tutorial and photos with written instructions for this project, we recommend glancing through both as some parts are better seen on the video, while others are best put forward on the photo instructions.

Watch the Paper Rings Video Tutorial


Or Follow These Simple Step by Step Instructions

Print out our templates (you can find them at the end of this tutorial). Either print the black and white version, the pre-colored version or both.

We will be showing you how to make a pink bunny rabbit paper ring, but all of the rings are done in the same way.

If you decided to print the black and white version, it’s best to color them before you cut them out.

Cut out the paper ring template – following the outer line.

Once you have your pink bunny all nicely cut out, there is a little bit more cutting to be done.

You will see a black line on the gray strip connecting the bunny head – the line being next to the bunny head on both ends. You’ll notice the line is on the different side of the strip on each end.

Cut along that line – it’s super important to cut along the line – the cuts need to be on the opposite sides of the strip.

It’s best to watch this part of the tutorial on the video.

You need to slide the two cuts you made on the gray strip one into another – bending and looping the gray paper strip and joining the two halfs of the bunny face.

When you slide one into another the bunny face should look complete (not off).

If your bunny face (or any other for that matter) looks a bit off, unfold and cut a bit more along those black lines.

Fold together again.

Repeat with other rings.

Your Printable Easter Paper Rings are all done and all that’s left to do is to either gift them to someone or slide on your fingers.


Printable Easter Paper Rings Craft

Get the Printable Easter Paper Rings Templates

Larger version: Easter Rings Template Large

Smaller version: Easter Rings Template Small

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