Polar Bear Paper Craft

Wan’t to get crafty with your toddler or perschooler? Give this polar bear paper craft a go (older kids will have fun making this one too).

All it takes is some ripped paper and glue and the crafty fun will begin.

Polar Bear Paper Craft

Polar Bear Paper Craft

A great fine motor skills craft!

Super easy!


Construction Paper in blue, white and black
Craft Paint and Glitter Glue (optional)


This craft couldn’t be easier. It is perfect for those little fingers who can not use scissors yet.
I find it quite therapeutic also, fun for kids and adults!

Rip the white paper into strips of various size and shapes.
Glue the white strips onto the blue paper in a circle like shape. Make it a bit wider at the sides for a puffy cheek look!
Rip 3 larger circles , 2 for ears and one for the snout (large part of the nose)
Rip black pieces for the nose, eyes and mouth. Glue them into place , reference our photo.

Adorn the blue paper with snowflakes or a design of your own if you wish!
Paper Polar Bear Craft

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1 thought on “Polar Bear Paper Craft”

  1. It’s a great fun.
    At winter evenings when we have more time we can play with our kids with making teddy bear. As you’ wrote we are exercising kids’ motor abilities.
    I was playing with kids and my advice is to watch kids so they won’t eat glue.

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