Wobbling Papier Mache Bunny – Easter Crafts for Kids

There are many things you can do with newspaper, papier mache being one of them and as Easter is just around the corner we’ll show you how to make a cute wobbling papier mache bunny.

This is such a fun one and chances are you already have all the materials you need at home.

Papier Mache Bunny Easter Crafts for Kids

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Wobbling Papier Mache Bunny

What you need

  • newspaper
  • mod podge (store-bought or homemade – you can find the best paper mache recipes on our website)
  • water balloons (or regular ones for big bunnies)
  • Eastery paints
  • cardstock in eastery colors (you can mix or match it to the paints you’re using to paint the bunny)
  • scissor
  • something to place inside the balloon – small pebbles, rice, beans…
  • brush
  • black marker
  • chalk markers

Tear the newspaper to small strips. Place a few pebbles (or other things) inside the balloon (you might need to blow it up first and let the air out to make it more flexible and easier to fill. You don’t need to fill it up much, just enough to give it some weight at the bottom.

Dip the strips of paper in mod podge and start covering the balloon (coat each strip with more mod podge when it’s on the balloon too, they really need to be soaked in it). You’ll need a few layers of paper (at least 3).

Let it dry (oh the hard part).

Once dried, paint the egg shaped soon to be papier mache bunny with the color you’ve chosen.

Cut two ear shapes out of cardstock. At the bottom of the ears cut  them in the middle (just a wee little bit). Add glue on one half, and push the other half on top so they stick together – this way the ear will get a nice sturdy shape.

Add facial details and details in the ears with combination of black permanent marker and chalk markers – they colors these make are awesome (you can also add a pom pom for the tail). Glue on the ears and you’re done!Papier Mache Bunny Easter Crafts

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