Ladybug Button Art Craft

I have a confession to make… I am a button hoarder. It’s about time to use some of them for a project or two – like this ladybug button art craft kids can easily make.

So bring out the buttons and let’s get crafty!

Ladybug Button Art Craft


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Buttons can be expensive, that’s true… If you buy them for sewing clothes. BUT if you buy them for crafting and are not necessarily worried all of them will be the same size and all you can get them for crazy prices. Like in the dollar store… Or even better snatch assorted bundles from ebay.

Ladybug Button Art Craft

What you need

  • red buttons in diffferent sizes (a few beads doesn’t hurt either)
  • black buttons (I actually didn’t have enough so I painted them)
  • glue dots (or string and needle if you’ll be sewing them on)
  • green craft foam (or other working surface)
  • pencil


Start by drawing a ladybug on your working surface with a pencil (or marker). You can also color in the surface.


Add glue on the buttons – glue dots really are perfect for this project, you can just pop a nice number of buttons on the tape and take them as you need them.


Stick the button on the foam (the glue sticks nicely but it is still a little bit wiggly so you can easily squeeze buttons together).


Work your way with the red buttons, making the body of the ladybug (cover the whole body red, add the black spots at the end so that they are elevated). Once you’ve glued on all the red ones, make the black head and antennae.


All done! You now have and adorable and easy to make ladybug string art craft to display.

Ladybug Button

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