Unicorn Coloring Pages – 50 Printable Sheets

There isn’t a creature more magical and magnificent than a unicorn, so we are sure your kids are going to love these printable unicorn coloring pages! We’ve got them all, from super simple designs suitable for preschool and kindergarten-aged kids to more detailed designs that older kids will love. So grab your coloring supplies, be it crayons, pencils, markers, or even watercolors, and let your kids embark on a magical coloring adventure.

What’s best when it comes to unicorns is there are no limits to the colors you can use when it comes to coloring them. You can go with a white unicorn with pastel colors or make a midnight unicorn with black and purple. Use your imagination and make the coolest unicorn out there.

Printable Unicorn Coloring Pages

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Printable Unicorn Coloring Pages

We’ve got a ton of other cool coloring pages for kids, if these unicorn pages to color aren’t enough. As far as these unicorn coloring pages go, we love each and every one of them. Use them in your home for an afternoon coloring session or in the classroom to entertain bored kids (why not have them draw a unicorn, too, with our handy guide). If you are throwing a unicorn-themed birthday party, these would be great to use as either activity on the party or to include them in favor bags for kids, along with a pack of crayons.

Free Printable Unicorn Coloring Pages

What’s not to love about free printable unicorn coloring pages. Just print them out and color away.

Cute Unicorn Coloring Pages

Starting of with something simple for younger kids and super cute! This magical creature is happily stomping on clouds.

Baby Unicorn Coloring Page

These magical creatures are sweet, but when they are little, they are even sweetest. There is nothing more adorable out there in the world than a baby unicorn.

Rainbow Unicorn Coloring Page

Rainbows and unicorns are the best combinations. Not only can you use cool colors to color the magical creature, but the rainbow itself is also magical too. And while at it, kids can learn about the colors of the rainbow too.

Realistic Unicorn Coloring Page

If your kids want to color something more realistic looking, give them this cool sheet. If these magnificent animals were real, we imagine this is how they would look like.

Standing on the Road

Unicorn Coloring Page

In fairy tales, you would usually see these on meadows full of flowers or in enchanted forests. But nowadays, if these roamed the Earth, you would be more likely to spot one walking on the road.

Stars, Rainbow, and Unicorn Coloring Page

Running Unicorn Coloring Page

Unicorns and rainbows really do go hand in hand, and there isn’t a thing these animals love more than running up and down along the rainbows. Sometimes they can go so high they can reach the stars!

In the Cacti Dessert

Unicorn in Desert Coloring Page

Some unicorns are really adventurous and like to explore all corners of the world. This unicorn coloring page features a happy little animal surrounded by cacti. Make sure your kids have lots of sand-colored coloring supplies as well as green.

Over the Moon

Unicorn on the Moon Coloring Page

Rainbows by day and moon and stars by night. Not only will your kids be able to color the magical creature they will also be able to color the starry sky.

Sweet tooth

Unicorn with Candy Lollipop Coloring Page

If you ever wondered what unicorns eat… We strongly feel that their diet consists primarily of candy! This unicorn coloring page is the sweetest by far, and how couldn’t it be as there is a giant swirly lollipop on it.

Flowers and Unicorn Coloring Page

Unicorn and Flowers Coloring Page

Aside from rainbows, flowers are another thing that goes hand in hand with unicorns. This gorgeous coloring sheet features our lovely magical creature along with some wonderful floral accessories.

Exclusive Unicorn Coloring Pages

You can preview the whole set here and grab it from the membership library. There are so many wonderful designs available (not to mention all the other exclusive goodies that you can grab from our member library). The whole unicorn coloring pages set has a whooping 50 designs to color!

Cute Baby Unicorn Coloring Page

Baby Unicorn Coloring Page

Baby unicorn coloring pages are the sweetest and that is why there are a couple in our set. This one features a head bust with adorable stars all around it.

Space Explorer

The whole universe awaits! This one is standing on a planets surface with a simple space background.

Simple Unicorn Coloring Page

Cute Unicorn Coloring Page

This unicorn coloring page is perfect for preschool and kindergarten kids as it has a lot of big spaces to color.

Art Nouveau Design

You can use this one to also teach your kids about art and art history as it is drawn in art nouveau style.

Large and Simple Design

Cute Unicorn Coloring Sheet

Another sweet design younger kids will appreciate. Lots of large spaces to color in. Older kids can also try their drawing skills and add texture to mane or draw in their own backgrounds.

Over the rainbow

Happy Unicorn Coloring Page

There are quite a few rainbow and unicorn coloring pages in the set as well as these two really go hand in hand together.

Flower Power

Flower Unicorn Coloring Page

A semi-realistic unicorn with a whole lot of wonderful flowers in the background. There are so many colors you can use when you go about coloring this one.

Happy Unicorn Coloring Page

Jumping Unicorn Coloring Page

Sometimes all you need to do to be happy is prance around in the nature.

Flower Magic

Lovely Unicorn Coloring Page

Wonderful patterns on the many, along with intricate flowers, make this one a wonderful coloring challenge. If your kids are feeling artsy, why not add their own drawings on the blank background as well.

Mom and Baby Unicorn Coloring Page

Rainbow Unicorns Coloring Page

Another from the group of rainbow unicorn coloring pages this one features a mom and her baby comfortably sitting on a cloud. Naturally, there is also a rainbow in the back.

Unicorn Coloring Page

Magical Unicorn Coloring Page

Lush tail and a magnificent mane! Will your kids color these with one color only or will they use different colors? The choice is entirely theirs.

Sound of Music

Musical Unicorn Coloring Page

For all the music fans out there, we have created this fun design. Color in the notes, keys and all the vibes!

Simple Unicorn Coloring Page

Majestic Unicorn Coloring Page

Another design design that is perfect for younger kids! Big large areas that are easy to color are perfect for using crayons. As with other simple designs, your kids can try themselves at designing their own backgrounds and coloring them in.

Midnight Baby Unicorn Coloring Page

Night Unicorn Coloring Page

Soaring high in the sky until they reach the stars and the moon. This fun design features a baby unicorn flying across the night sky (on a slightly cloudy night).

Simple Bust

Sleepy Unicorn Coloring Page

This simple bust portrays a sleeping unicorn. What we love about this design is the different parts of the mane – your kids can use one color for the whole mane, different colors for different sections or even different hues of one color in each section. There are so many possibilities!

Dashing through the stars

Rainbow Unicorn Coloring Page

This one is happily prancing through the stars. Your kids can use different shades of purple, blue and a dash of black to color in the sky. Or use the colors of the rainbow, it’s totally up to them.

Learning how to spell

Sleeping Unicorn Coloring Sheet

There is a learning opportunity to be had in any kind of activity, even coloring. This one will help your little ones learn how to write the word unicorn. Those who already know how to write it will enjoy it too, as the writing certainly adds to this design.

Unicorn in space

Space Unicorn Coloring Page

What colors will your kids choose to color this outer space scene? Planets are wonderful for coloring as there really are no limits to the colors one can use.

Midnight Unicorn Coloring Page

Sleeping Unicorn Coloring Page

Unicorns look especially magical during the night and this one is looking magnificent.

More simple unicorn coloring pages

Thick lines and easy to color spaces make this one great for small hands.

Unicorn and Butterflies

Unicorn and Butterlfies Coloring Page

A wonderful nature scene with two lovely little butterflies fluttering in the air.

Unicorn and stars

Unicorn and Stars Coloring Page

We just love the look of the background on this design! Let your kids use yellow colors for the stars or make them multicolor. Whatever colors they choose we just know this one will look great.

Rainbow Unicorn Coloring Pages

Rainbow Unicorn Coloring Sheet

We’ve got another unicorn happily walking on the rainbow. This one has the potential to look super colorful.

Stars all Around

Glorious Unicorn Coloring Sheet

Another night scene to color. Kids can leave the sky blank or use black, purple or blue to color it in. The unicorn on this one also has wings! How sweet is that?

Heart Unicorn

Unicorn Coloring Sheet

This adorable design features simple spaces to color and a loveley heart detail.

Gorgeous Magical Animal

Unicorn in Nature Coloring Sheet

Isn’t this one magnificent?


Sunset Unicorn Coloring Page

While this one can certainly be colored as is, we do hope your kids will grab their black marker and fill the rays with intricate patterns. This will make this one even more special and fun to color.

In the forest

Unicorn in a Forest Coloring Page

Enchanted forests are still the most likely places to stumble upon this magical creature.

Floral Design

Unicorn with Flowers Coloring Page

Lots of flowers and mane details to color on this one.

In a forest

Unicorn in the Woods Coloring Page

The little leaves on the ground, the trees and bushes in the background and the little heart details on the unicorn all add something special to this design.

Love is in the air

Unicorn with Hearts Coloring Sheet

What better way to show your love of unicorns than with a unicorn coloring page that also has a ton of hearts on it, big and small. A wonderful opportunity to use a variety of red, pink and purple colors. There isn’t a rule in the world that limits you to using just those wither!

Another from the night unicorn coloring pages

Unicorn on a Cloud Coloring Page

This one looks like he or she is ready for their night adventure.

Party unicorn coloring page

Birthday Party

If you are throwing a unicorn themed birthday party, this coloring page featuring a unicorn and balloons is perfect to use. You can even use it as a party invitation.

Unicorn Coloring Pages for Preschool

Adorable Unicorn Coloring Page

When it comes to preschool aged kids, simple lines and easy to color spaces are key for most kids. While some might enjoy more detailed desings, many can find them to be to challenging. This is why this design is perfect.

Love is in the air

Flying Unicorn Coloring Page

This winged unicorn coloring page is surrounded by a ton of adorable little hearts that are a joy to color.

Reaching for the stars

Flying unicorn coloring pages

Much like the previous one, this one too is surrounded by a bunch of small adorable objects, this time stars. The starry night is a perfect setting for a unicorn, but if feels like this was one of the colder nights as our magical creature is wearing a scarf.

Flowers everywhere

Unicorn among Flowers

Another great design full of flowers! There are many large flowers under the animal and a ton of little ones in the mane. Magical!

Princess Unicorn Coloring Page

Cute unicorn coloring pages

Sometimes unicorns live in a castle, or at least near castles. We think this one is a princess and the castle in the back is hers. What do your kids think? Coloring pages make wonderful starting points for storytelling and kids imagination run free.

Winged Unicorn on a Donut

Sitting on a Donut

If your kids love fun and silly things, this coloring page is perfect for them. We nave an adorable baby unicorn with wings sitting on a large and delicious looking glazed donut. Yum!

Sleeping on a Cloud

Sleeping on a Cloud

Last but not least, we have this adorable little baby unicorn sleeping on a fluffy cloud. Isn’t he or she just adorable?

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