XOXO Valentines Day Cupcakes

Hugs and Kisses Cupcakes

These simple XOXO valentines day cupcakes are a perfect treat to make with your kids, simple enough for kids to decorate from start to finish and delicious enough for the whole family to enjoy. XOXO Valentines Day Cupcakes This recipe will yield 2 dozen regular size cupcakes. For the cupcakes 1 cup unsalted butter 2 cups granulated … Read more

Hearts Valentines Day Coloring Page for Adults

Valentines Day Coloring Page for Adults - Hearts

Time for spreading some love! I really loved drawing this field of hearts Valentines day coloring page for adults (and older kids, or well kids with lots of patience) to color, well I enjoyed with drawing them all! So grab your pencils, markers, pens or whatever you use to color these intricate coloring pages and … Read more

Cardboard Valentines Day Hearts Craft

Cardboard Valentines Day Hearts Craft for Kids

Love is in the air! Whether you need a photo prop or just a fun craft idea to do with your kids I think this cardboard Valentines Day hearts craft is perfect. Easy to make and with lots of ways creative ways to go about it, it will be pretty cool as a cake topper … Read more

3 Sweet Valentines Day Coloring Pages

I always associate love with warmth so ideally for me Valentine’s day should be in the summer (you lucky, lucky southern hemisphere folks!) as if I look through the window right now “warmth” isn’t something that comes to mind… It’s freakishly white and freezing looking! But a girl can dream right? Kids on the other … Read more