Paper Roll Hedgehog Craft for Kids

Hedgehog Paper Roll Craft for Kids

Got a paper roll and need a cute project idea? How about making a toilet paper roll hedgehog craft. This is such a fun little animal, one of our favorites actually. *this post contains affiliate links* What you need paper rolls (toilet paper rolls, kitchen towel rolls) light brown and dark brown paper or paint … Read more

Paper Roll Frog Craft

Pape Roll Frog Craft for Kids

Hoppity hop, hop, let’s make a toilet paper roll frog craft. This little fellow is fun for kids to make and play with afterwards. Paper Roll Frog Craft – Toilet Paper Roll Crafts for Kids What you need paper tube (toilet paper roll, kitchen towel paper roll…) green paper or green paint wiggle eyes stickers … Read more

Paper Roll Lion Craft – Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

Paper Roll Lion Craft

Ready to roar? Today we are showing you how to make a paper roll lion craft. Hope you have your stash of paper rolls ready. We just love making toilet paper roll crafts (did you know you can actually buy paper rolls for kids crafts?), we loved doing this paper roll crab craft among many … Read more

Paper Roll Crab Craft

Paper Roll Crab Craft

We’re showing how to make another cute toilet paper roll craft for kids to make this one too perfect for summer! Ready? Let’s make a paper roll crab craft. Not long ago we made a sweet little paper roll octopus and this little fellow is a perfect fit. *this post contains affiliate links* Paper Roll Crab Craft What … Read more

Toilet Paper Roll Octopus Craft

Paper Roll Octopus Craft

Aching for a splash of ocean? Join in and make a fun toilet paper roll octopus craft with us. This little fellow will be done in a couple of minutes and once kids are done making it, the play time begins. Toilet paper roll octopus craft What you need Toilet paper rolls Orange paper (can … Read more