Salt Dough Handprints Candle Holder Keepsakes

Salt Dough Handprints Candle Holder Keepsakes

These Salt Dough Handprints Candle Holder Keepsakes will make the most adorable (and useful) kid made Mother’s day gift or a Christmas gift too. Well seeing as they are adorable, personal and insanely easy to make, they will make a wonderful kid made gift for any ocassion. You can use salt dough to make them, … Read more

Egg Carton Flowers – Recycled Egg Carton Crafts

How to make flowers out of egg carton

Recycled crafts are the best crafts. If you’ve got a couple of egg cartons laying around (or similar) use them to make this gorgeous egg carton flowers. No need to use the egg carton either, we use this term very loosely as a variety of cartoons will do the same job – some drink holders, … Read more

Paper Hyacinths Flower Craft For Kids

Hyacinths Flower Craft For Kids

Hyacinths trully are wonderful flowers. This Paper Hyacinths Flower Craft For Kids is perfect for young craters to make, and will make the most wonderful Mother’s day card too! Need a slightly different version? You should totally check these paper hyacinths I Heart Crafty Things made too! *this post contains affiliate links* These adorable little flower … Read more

Mothers Day Handprint Art Flowers

Mothers Day Handprint Art-Flowers-Craft

With Mother’s Day approaching we want to share this pretty Mothers Day Handprint Art Flowers idea with you. This one makes the most adorable (and treasured) kid made gift ever. It can be made with hands from one kid, or, if you are making this at home, from handprints from all siblings or all family members. … Read more

Unicorn Planter – Magical DIY Succulent Plant Pot Idea

DIY Unicorn Planter

Give your succulent (or any other plant) a wonderful, magical even, home in a DIY unicorn planter. This adorable little plant pot is super easy to make, and is certainly made to impress (also a wonderful mother’s day idea for a handmade gift). *this post contains affiliate links* Succulents are pretty awesome on their own, … Read more