Leaf Face Paper Plate Craft

Leaf Face Paper Plate Craft for Kids to Make

Grab the coloful fall leaves and let’s make a leaf face paper plate craft together! There are so many fun ways to make this one, you won’t be able to stop making them. *this post contains affiliate links* We love crafting and doing fun activities for kids with leaves, as they are after all, one … Read more

Printable Turkey Puppets

Printable Turkey Puppets Craft for Kids

What did the turkey say? We don’t know but we do know these printable turkey puppets can become quite the chatty bunch once in kids hands. Two fun puppets to print, one-precolored and one for kids to color as they see fit, both making sure your little ones will have lots of fun turkey time!*this … Read more

Wonderful Fall Leaf Crafts Ideas

Fun Leaf Crafts for Kids

When if comes to fall crafting, nothing beats fall leaf crafts! It’s one of the most fun and frugal natures crafting materials ever and you can easily plan your fall leaf projects for every age group – there are a whole lot of possibilities! *this post contains affiliate links* We love making all kinds of … Read more