How to Make a Paper Butterfly – Template Included

Construction Paper Butterflies

It’s really easy to learn how to make a paper butterfly and once you’ll make one you won’t be able to stop. This project is fun both for kids and kids and heart as it’s quick and simple. It’s perfect for spring time or any time really when you just wish to make something simple … Read more

Printable Butterfly Life Cycle Agamograph Template

Printable Butterfly Life Cycle Agamograph Template

Want to create more fun agamographs? We’ve got a brand new Butterfly Life Cycle Agamograph Template to share with your kids and students. Get creative by coloring and folding the printable agamograph pages and learn about the life cycle of a butterfly simultaneously. *This post contains affiliate links* Making the agamographs surely is a pack of fun for … Read more

Butterfly Paper Hand Puppet

Butterfly Paper Hand Puppet Craft

Our hand bug puppets series continues with this lovely butterfly paper hand puppet. This lovely paper craft is super fun to make and to play with. We even include a craft template your kids can use to make one – either color it in or use as a template. *this post contains affiliate links* Although … Read more

How to Draw a Butterfly Step by Step for Kids

Butterfly Directed Drawing Tutorial

Today we are learning how to draw a butterfly with this simple step by step guided drawing for kids. This is a supper easy simple butterfly drawing tutorial that’s perfect for beginners of all ages, but especially for kids in kindergarten and preschool.   *this post contains affiliate link* I always loved drawing and felt … Read more

Butterfly Life Cycle Paper Toy Craft – Flextangle Template

Butterfly Life Cycle Paper Toy

Let’s learn about the life cycle of a butterfly with this engaging butterfly life cycle paper toy flextangle. This paper craft template covers 4 stages of the cycle – the butterfly, eggs, caterpillar and cocoon. So print the template, follow the step by step folding instructions and have fun! *this post contains affiliate links* If … Read more