Sponge Painted Christmas Sock Craft

Sponge painting is such a fun activity for kids (the messier the more fun) so here’s a cute Sponge Painted Christmas Sock Craft idea you can make over the holidays.

This is such a fun Christmas craft for preschoolers and kids in kindergarten as it let’s them get creative while they also do some fine motor practice with lacing.

Sponge Painted Christmas Sock Craft - Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids

Sponge Painted Christmas Sock Craft

What you need

  • two sheets of red cardstock paper
  • sponges in different shapes (I cut a kitchen sponge into various shapes – square, rectangle, triangle)
  • colors
  • yarn
  • single hole puncher
  • scissors

Christmas Craft

Draw a shape of the Christmas sock on the red paper and cut it out – making two identical socks. Put one over another and start punching holes along the edges (do punch holes at the top as this will be an opening to fill the sock with goodies).

Decorate the sock by stamping various shapes, using various colors. You can even embellish it with glitter, sequins, scrap paper – let the kid make this as unique as they wan’t to.

Once the socks are decorated place them on on top of the other and lace with yarn to hold them together.

All done! This sponge painted Christmas sock is ready to be displayed and is waiting to be filled with all kinds of treats!

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Easy Christmas Craft for Kids

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