Simple Spider Craft

Itsy Bitsy spider… This simple spider craft tutorial will be great as a Halloween classroom craft – it’s pretty easy to make and fun to play with afterwards.

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Simple spider craft for kids. Easy paper craft idea for kids to make for Halloween.

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This simple paper spider craft was inspired by our printable spider hand puppet, a project that is really popular with kids in kindergarten. We think these two together would actually make a wonderful team for pretend play – one hand puppet and one puppet on a stick.

Both of them have the icky wiggly legs that trully makes them creepy crawlies.

Ready to make one? Let’s do it!

Simple Paper Spider Craft for Kids

How to Make a Simple Spider Craft

What you need:

  • black construction paper
  • brown construction paper
  • paper straw or skewer
  • glue
  • scissors
  • googly eyes or wiggle eye stickers

Step by Step Tutorial

Cut the paper.

You will need 8 long and thin strips of gray paper for the spider legs.

You will also need 3 strips of black paper,  two thin ones and one a bit wider.

Fold one of the thing paper strips in half and apply glue across one half.

Stick a skewer or a paper straw on the paper, closet the half.

This will be our craft base.

Take one of the legs and start folding it – make an accordion fold – zig zagging from one side of the paper strip to the next one.

Repeat with the remaining 7.

Glue the legs on the craft base.

Roll and glue the remaining two black paper strips into paper rolls.

Apply a good amount of glue on the spider craft base.

Glue the paper rolls on the craft base, the larger one on the back and the smaller one on the front.

Add eyes.

All done, your simple spider craft is complete and ready to be played with.

Spider Crafts

Spider Craft for Kids

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