School Themed Printables for Preschool

Ready for some “back to school”? These school themed printables for preschool and kindergarten will keep the kiddos busy!

This pack has a whole bunch of fun learning activities and you can even expand it with some number tracing worksheets!

School Themed Printables for Preschool - This fun and free printable is perfect for "back to school"

School Themed Printables for Preschool and Kindergarten – Free Printable

Perfect pack to use for teaching basic skills in the “back to schoole” spirit! True the little ones are not going back to school – it might be their first time going to school but if they have older siblings or friends they are going to enjoy this printable pack.

This pack has 9 pages with all kinds of learning activities for your young one!

So what’s in the pack?

– one coloring page with a boy sitting at the school table.
– a beginning letter activity page.
– counting page – there are 3 differently colored crayons to count and write down the answer!
– upper and lower case letter tracing on two pages – b is for book, c is for crayon, p is for pen, g is for globe, s is for school.
– a maze to solve – kids have to follow the numbers from 1 to 10.
– drawing page – a girl is standing in front of the black board and kids are asked to finish the drawing by drawing their favorite pet.
– a page with tracing or scissor practice.
– and a do a dot page.

A ton of fun learning activities for the little ones!

Grab your School Themed Printables for Preschool

Free School Themed Printables for Preschool

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3 thoughts on “School Themed Printables for Preschool”

  1. I was wondering what is supposed to be done with the page that has the globe with circles on it. There’s no instruction and maybe it supposed to be intuitive but I’m clueless.

    • Hey! Apologies for the lack of instructions – they are meant to be colored with Do-a-Dot markers – huge and easy to hold markers that can kind of work like stamps – one press from the marker fills one circle on the printable.

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