Printable Dinosaur Puppets (PDF Template)

Are your kids ready for the most exciting craft they will be making this year? We just know they will have a blast with these printable dinosaur puppets, as well, as most kids are pretty much in love with dinosaurs.

With 10 different dinosaur species, this dinosaur craft really is something else. And we just know your kids can name them all.

Printable Dinosaur Puppets (PDF Template)

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Meet Ankylosaurus and Pachycephalosaurus, ready to stomp and head-butt their way into your prehistoric puppet show!

Printable Dinosaur Puppets Ankylosaurus Pachycephalosaurus

Say hello to Brachiosaurus and Plesiosaurus, bringing the Mesozoic era to life with towering heights and graceful swims!

Printable Dinosaur Puppets Brachiosaurus Plesiosaurus

Parasaurolophus and Triceratops: one’s got a funky crest, the other’s got horns to impress; they’re the coolest dino besties.

Printable Dinosaur Puppets Parasaurolophus Triceratops

With Stegosaurus displaying its plates and Pterodactyl soaring through the sky, this dino duo will captivate your kids’ imagination!

Printable Dinosaur Puppets Stegosaurus Pterodactyl

Watch out for T-Rex and Triceratops, the ultimate rivals in your prehistoric puppet theater, one roaring mightily, the other standing its ground! One dino was shy and missed the photoshoot.

Printable Dinosaur Puppets T-Rex Triceratops

How to Make Printable Dinosaur Puppets

What you need:

Materials Used

Step by Step Tutorial

Print out the desired dinosaur puppet template. You can choose between the black and white or pre-colored versions.

Color in the template.

Step 1

Cut out the puppet as well as the two paper rectangles.

Step 2

All parts are ready for the assembly.

Step 3

Make folds along the dashed lines on both paper rectangles.

Step 4

Fold along the dashed lines on the dinosaur. The top one is where the dinosaur’s snout meets the upper teeth.

Step 5

Next, have them fold the upper head part down, aligning it to the lower jaw; this will make a fold in the middle of the mouth.

Step 6

Have the kids fold the lower jaw along the dashed line as well.

Step 7

The dino’s mouth should be folded inward.

Step 8

Apply glue to one of the paper rectangles (on the folded flap).

Step 9

Attach the glued strap to the back part of the upper section of the dinosaur’s head.

Step 10

Hold in place for the glue to set.

Step 11

Apply glue to the other finger strap.

Then, attach the strap to the lower part of the dinosaur’s head, behind the lower jaw.

Step 12

Let the glue dry completely before using the finger puppet.

Step 13

Your child can now enjoy playing with their new dinosaur finger puppet!

Step 14

Why make one when you can make a bunch of printable dinosaur puppets?

Printable Dinosaur Puppets
Dinosaur Finger Puppets

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