Printable Christmas Puppets – Santa, Elf and Reindeer Rudolph

You asked for it and here they are – our lovely printable Christmas puppets. This set includes 3 wondeful Christmas characters – Santa Claus, Rudolph the reindeer and Santa’s little helper the elf.

As with previous sets, both color and black and white printable template are included so you can make even more characters.

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We are ready for the jolly season! Tons of fun Christmas activities for kids are already planned and these little fun hand puppets are one of the first to see the light of the day.

These printable Christmas puppets will make this Christmas even more fun, be it in preschool, kindergarten or higher grades or at home. Not only are these insanely easy to make (quick too) they are also fun to play with.te

Perfect to set up a classroom holiday play or to use as pretend play paper toys.

I made two sets this time (both with color and black and white version), one “regular” and one with bolder dashed lines for folding, which will make it even easier than before to make these puppets (perfect for preschoolers and kindergarten).

Ready to play with this funky Christmas paper toy? We sure are! Let’s get crafting.

Adorable Christmas Printable Puppets

Cute Christmas Hand PuppetsHow to make our Printable Christmas Puppets Paper Toy

What you need:

  • our printable template (you can grab the full set on our membership site here or get the freebie Elf puppet at the end of the tutorial)
  • heavier print paper (optimal – as it will make them easier to play with and will make them last longer)
  • coloring supplies if you will be printing our black and white template
  • scissors
  • glue

Let’s make them!

Follow the Step by Step Tutorial

Print out any or all of our printable Christmas puppets paper toy templates. One version has extra bolded fold lines that makes it easier for the younger kids to assemble.

We recommend printing on heavier print paper (as heavy as the printer can manage). We used 120 gms paper in this tutorial. Heavier would be even better.

Color in all the details if you printed our black and white template.

Once colored in cut out the parts of the template. If you are working on the version with bolder lines, cut out all the parts nicely.

If on the other hand you are working with the version without bold lines (the fold lines are marked on the side of the puppet), we recommend you loosely cut out the puppet, leaving enough space around it so that the fold lines are still visible, fold the puppet and then trim it.

Fold along the fold lines.

Make the folds crisp, we usually help ourselves with a craft stick, running it across the fold.

Fold the ends of the paper strips…

…and glue them on the paper puppet.

Let the glue dry before you proceed and play with your printable Christmas puppet.

Fun aren’t they! I am sure your kids or your class will have lots of fun making these, and even more fun running around with these and opening their mouth.

Perfect if you are setting up a school play, as you the kids can make all sorts of different Santa’s little helpers, and all the deer to fly the sleigh.

Happy Christmas crafting!

Printable Christmas Puppets for Kids

Watch the Video Tutorial


Get the Printable Christmas Puppets Template Here

Or get the free Elf Puppet

Happy crafting!

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