Adorable Paper Plate Animal Crafts

Get your kids to learn more about animals with these adorable paper plate animal crafts that will make your kids busy for some time. We absolutely adore paper plate crafts as they are easy to make, take little time and the end result is always gorgeous! These creative projects are appropriate for toddlers, preschoolers, kids in kindergarten and older ones. 1. First … Read more

Reptile Coloring Pages – Free Printable

Reptiles Coloring Pages

There’s a ton of free printable amphibian and reptile coloring pages just waiting for you! These will go along great with ocean animals coloring pages – even more coloring fun! I love reptiles and amphibians! When I was a kid I really wanted to have a pet lizard or a pet snake (kitties still being the … Read more

Paper Plate Fox – Crafts for Kids

Paper Plate Crafts

Foxes are believed to be tricky and cunning – but this paper plate fox is just simply cute! We just love paper plate crafts as they are fun for the whole family! Let’s make a paper plate fox! This fox will be a lively one as it will twist and turn when wind hits it (even … Read more

Paper Plate & Cupcake Liner Fish

We love paper plate crafts and we love cupcake liner crafts so we combined those two fun materials and made paper plate & cupcake liner fish! Both paper plate and cupcake liner crafts are fun for all ages! Let’s make a paper plate & cupcake liner fish! You’ll need: 1 or 2 paper plates cupcake … Read more