How to Draw a Turkey

Learn How to Draw a Turkey with our Step by Step Turkey Drawing instructions. If you are a teacher and want to do a Thanksgiving project with your kids, why not teach them this? Perfect for  beginners too!

How to Draw a Turkey - Step by Step Turkey Drawing Instructions

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Fall is not only time of leaves changing colors, it’s also the time of turkeys (well they are here all year round, just a bit more popular this time of the year).

How to Draw a Turkey

Turkey Guided Drawing Lesson

What you need:

Step by Step Easy Turkey Drawing Tutorial

Step 1

Start by drawing a inverted U :). This will be the head of the turkey.

Step 2

Continue with the round shape under the head, this will make the body of your turkey.

You should be seeing a somewhat nice pear shape.

Step 3

Draw eyes and beak (with details). Also draw two round shapes for the wings.

Step 4

Time to start drawing those magnificent tail feathers. Start by drawing a curve on the left side and on the right.

Step 5

Connect the ends with a few arches (5 is ideal).

Step 6

Draw a line from the “bottom” of the arch to the turkey body.

Step 7

Next come the arches under the arches. Let’s draw those details on the tail feathers.

Step 8

And another row under it.

Step 9

Lastly, draw some turkey feet.

All done! You have learned how to draw an turkey. It was easy wasn’t it!

Step 10

Color your turkey drawing.

Color your turkey drawing

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How to Draw a Turkey

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