DIY Colorful Bird House

It’s about time we made something for the feathery population, we did this fun DIY colorful bird house.

There are so many ways you can decorate this one and so many colors you can use, just let your imagination run free.

DIY Colorful Bird House for Kids to Make

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When I was growing up there was a bird house on every tree around our house (and there was a lot of trees), my grandfather really loved to make them, and I added my creations every year. He made all of them from natural materials, mine on the other hand were made from whatever I though could be used to make them, this sometimes resulting in them only being as they should for one day ha! But it was always fun.

DIY Colorful Bird House


  • FunChalk markers (I was given these to try out)
  • wooden bird house, I got mine from the dollar store for a sturdier option you can go with a lovely Gazebo bird house or these bird houses
  • black acrylic paints
  • brush (sponge brush is super fast)
  • spray sealer (optional, perfect is you’re going to have this bird house outside)

Bird House Materials

Color the house black and let it dry completely (usually takes about 20 minutes with acrylic paints). It should look awesomely gloomy right about now, but that’s about to change. Pop open the chalk markers and decorate!

Decorating the House

Draw shapes and doodles to make a fun and vibrant creation. I really do like FunChalk markers as the colors have a very fluorescent feel to them which does make them pop on the black background don’t you think?

More FunChalk Creations

We also made some cute valentines day hearts with these.

DIY Colorful Birdhouse Craft

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