Toilet Paper Roll Bee Craft for Kids

Cute Toilet Paper Roll Bee Craft

Bees are one of the most hard working bugs out there and certainly one of the most important ones. If you’ve got a little bee lover at home why not make this adorable kitchen or toilet paper roll bee craft. Easy to make and it looks adorable, doesn’t it? *this post contains affiliate links* Toilet … Read more

Paper Plate Bird Craft – Paper Plate Crafts

Paper Plate Birds

It’s been a while since we shared a paper plate craft, so it was about time for a new one. This paper plate bird craft is super simple to make and with all the shiny decorations it just looks fabulus. Ready to make sparkly bird crafts? Let’s do it! *this post contains affiliate links* Paper Plate Bird Craft … Read more

Paper Ladybug Craft

Fun Ladybug Paper Craft - Ladybug Crafts

Here we are with another adorable and simple paper ladybug craft, we’ve made this ladybug paper craft a while ago but as crafting with paper is just so fun it was time to make another, different one. After all this cute little bug deserves more spotlight right? Ready to make these cute little creatures? Let’s … Read more

Wooden Spoon Flower Craft

Flower Craft for Kids - Wooden Spoon Crafts

Today we’re making a craft for all the flower lovers out there, this wooden spoon flower craft is super easy to make and it doubles up as a wonderful decoration (or even Mother’s day gift). The more you make, the better as they will make a wonderful bouquet. These little flowers will look wonderful in … Read more

Rock Turtle Craft

Cool Rock Craft - Painted Turtle

I was pretty excited about this rock turtle craft for quite some time and after a long nature walk we’ve gathered just the right stones to finally make this painted rock project. I’ve been imagining this one in my head for weeks and am so happy with how it turned out and this little fellow … Read more