Yarn Wrapped Rock Monsters – Rock Crafts

Rock Crafts for Kids

Did you have a pet rock as a kid? I did have quite a few but none of them looked as silly as these yarn wrapped rock monsters! We love rock crafts here, it’s amazing just how many cool things you can do with something as simple as a rock. *this post contains affiliate links* Yarn Wrapped … Read more

Dream Catcher Coloring Pages for Adults

Coloring Pages for Adults

Time to catch that dream! I’ve got a new set of coloring pages to share with you – I’ve made a pack of two dream catcher coloring pages for adults! We just can’t get enough of coloring books for adults – they are just so much fun to color and to make! *this post contains … Read more

LEGO Bricks Apple Treat Bag

LEGO Apple Treat Bag

If you need a super sweet back to school idea for your kids this LEGO bricks apple treat bag will hit the spot! This will also make a fun gift for your students (if you’re teaching a small class that is) to welcome them back at the beginning of the school year or on an … Read more

15 Intricate Adult Coloring Books We Adore – Coloring Books For Adults Craze

Coloring Books for Adults

I’m sure by now you’ve noticed that adult coloring books are all the rage – the color craze is becoming stronger every day and there’s a good reason for it – coloring books for adults are awesome! They say they have a similar effect on your mind as does meditation so they are a good weapon … Read more

Raffia Wrapped Pumpkins {Pumpkin Crafts for Kids}

Pumpkin Craft for Kids

Pumpkins! Let’s make a raffia wrapped pumpkin! This craft project is great for kids and grown ups a like as it makes a pretty fancy fall decoration too. What’s really great about this craft is that you’ll make it in no time so it’s perfect for beginner crafter as well as those that don’t have … Read more