Wooden Spoon Ladybug Puppets

New day, new spoon puppet and this time it’s time to make these super easy wooden spoon ladybug puppets.

We used disposable wooden spoons to make these (got a pack in the grocery store) but you can as easily make these out of plastic spoons too.

Wooden Spoon Ladybug Puppets - Cute and Easy Ladybug Craft for Kids to Make

We’ve been on a roll with the ladybug crafts lately (and there are a few more coming out in the next few days) so stay tuned!

Wooden Spoon Ladybug Puppets

What you need

  • wooden or plastic spoons
  • red and green paint
  • black permanent marker
  • brush

Crafting Supplies

Paint the bowl and back part red and the neck and handle green (yes I did have to google parts of the spoon :).

Let it dry completely.

Painting the ladybugs

Once dry, draw a line through the middle of the back red part to make the wings and draw a line for the head. Color the head. Draw 7 or more spots.

Drawing the details

All done. Easy peasy!

These are fun to play with as puppets but you can also use them as decoration in the garden. In this case I do recommend sealing the spoons with liquid varnish (glossy one would be cool) to somewhat protect the wood.

Ladybug Collage

Ladybug Craft - Wooden Spoon Puppets

More spoon puppet crafts

We weren’t just making a bunch of ladybugs we also made a few wooden spoon puppets – like these princess spoon puppets which are perfect for story time or this busy bee spoon puppet, a little bit different than this one but I still think they could be bug friends.

DIY Puppet - Ladybug Spoon Craft

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