Simple Winter Crafts for Toddlers

Got a crafty little toddler? As temperatures are dropping (and even snow somewhere) we’ve put together a collection of winter crafts for toddlers.

Crafts for toddlers should be easy to make, take little time and use large craft supplies they can easily handle.

Winter Crafts for Toddlers to Make

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While most of these crafts were made with or by toddlers keep in mind not all toddlers are at the same skill level (after all toddlers are up to age 3) so adjust the craft/materials when needed.

Some of these were made with older kids and you would need to substitute or exclude smaller materials. All crafting naturally should be supervised (and helped with if necessary).

Easy Winter Crafts For Toddlers and Preschool

Super Simple Winter Crafts for Toddlers

Cotton Ball Snowman Craft for Kids

Cotton Ball Snowman Craft – let them have fun with the cotton balls. Easy Peasy and Fun

Simple Winter Hat Craft for Kids

Winter Hats Craft – this one is a great classroom craft.

Paper Polar Bear Craft

Ripped Paper Polar Bear – this one is great for fine motor skills.

Wonderful Winter Art Idea - Winter Tree With Finger Painting - Perfect for Preschool, Kindergarten and older kids

Winter Tree Fingerpainting – bring out the crafty artsy fingers.

Easy Penguin Craft With Cotton Balls - perfect for toddlers, preschool and kindergarten

Super Easy Penguin Craft – so fluffy and fun.Snowman Craft for Kids

Snowman Creation Station – there’s sequin in this one, switch that with larger items and you have a super creative winter craft for toddlers.

Handprint Polar Bear – hand print crafts are super fun!

Snowflake Ornament – I’m seriously loving this one.

Create Winter Wonderland Together – create it together and play with it together.

Toilet Paper Roll Snowflakes – have some recycling fun.

Packing Peanuts Art Snowman – toddlers and preschoolers will love creating with packing peanuts (don’t have any? Magic nuudles are basically the same thing and are super fun to create with).

Salty Snowman – such a great project for toddlers.

Simple Snowflake craft – magical snowflakes will appear much to your toddlers delight.

Cookie Cuter Painted Snowman – these are a perfect winter crafts for toddlers, they will love the creative process behind this one.

Bubble Wrap Snowman – if you can resist popping the bubble wrap why not use it in a craft project?

Snowflake – such a fun project.

Q-Tip Painted Snowman – great for those fine motor skills.

Hole Punch Snowlakes – making holes with hole puncher is so much fun.

Build a Snowman another great activity for tine motor skills.

Winter Crafts for Todders


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