Toilet Paper Roll Easter Craft – Baskets

These toilet paper roll Easter craft is a fun project for kids and will make a great décor for showcasing the colored eggs!

You just have to love toilet paper roll crafts – it’s a frugal craft and there’s not a thing you couldn’t do with them!

Toilet Paper Roll Easter Craft

These little baskets are really fun to make hold up larger eggs quite nicely. If you have smaller eggs you can fill the baskets with paper grass (I think this will make the baskets look even more adorable).

What you’ll need to do this Toilet Paper Roll Easter basket:

– toilet paper rolls
– paint or colorful paper
– scissors
– glue
– Easter eggs

First we’ll color the paper rolls (or glue some colorful paper on them – we kind of started with coloring and then decided to use paper).

Once they dry cut them in half or in a zig zag pattern if you’ll make a grass basket like we did.

Cut a long strip of paper and glue it on the inside of the tp roll so that it makes an arch – this will be a handle.

To decorate your little creations you can also cut the wings and a beak for the chicks, long ears for the bunnies and flowers for the grass (we used the hole puncher to get little circles).

Easter Toiler Paper Roll Crafts - Easter Baskets


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