Starfish Footprint Art

Have a little footsie in your household that’s craving some color to do adorable arts and crafts? Try making this starfish footprint art (or well a sea star footprint art as they are now called)!

Ocean animal crafts are perfect to do over the summer.

Starfish Footprint Art

There isn’t much you need in order to make this adorable project! Your kids can use one foot or both in order to make this!

We used two sheets of blue paper – oh how ocean like -as 1 simply didn’t cut it.

Paint the sole of the foot orange – finger paints are our pick – and press it down on the paper. Rinse and repeat 4 more times in circular “pattern” – fingers pointing to the middle of the circle.

With permanent marker draw in the eyes and mouth and anything else really.

If the shape didn’t come out just as cute as you’d like too (sometimes the color doesn’t spread evenly or there are blank spaces from the footprint) you can either “correct” that with a paintbrush or take a orange permanent marker – although I think a black one would work out pretty great too – and trace the starfish shape.

All done! Let it dry and showcase on the wall or on the fridge!

Sea Star Footprint Art - Crafts for Kids

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