Spring Chick Paper Craft – Easter Craft Ideas

We have another wonderful Easter craft idea (or spring šŸ˜‰ ) – this time we will be showing you how to make a super easy spring chick paper craft!

This craft is great for scissor practice and fine motor skills. You can easily adjust the craft to fit any age group.Adorable Spring Chick Paper Craft for Kids to Make

Chip, chip ready to make the chick craft? Check the easy peasy tutorial!

Cute Spring Chick Paper Craft

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We wanted to make a craft that is super springy and with Easter closing in a dash of Easter too! And as we’re all about easy and frugal, well most of the time that is, the idea had to fit this too.

Easter is one of those holidays when you can really get crafty, and not just with decorating eggs. There are a 1000 and 1 ways to make things Eastery and if they include a chick or a bunny you have a winner (sheep welcome too naturally).

Our favorite crafting material lately has been paper, it’s one of the most versatile crafting materials ever and we’ve been getting really, really creative with simple paper strips so we decided to go that route yet again.

So we’ve come up this chicks on a spring meadow idea (and we absolutely love it).

This idea is fun for the classroom too, you can modify it to different age groups (we’ll talk about this a bit more in the tutorial) and if you have each kid make their own “patch” you can then join them all together into one big Easter craft display! Tons and tons of chicks! Cuteness overload! You can also mix things up a bit and haveĀ some kids do chicks, others sheep, then some of them can make bunnies and others even some spring flowers.

Wondering how to make these chicks? Let’s do them!

Spring Chick Paper Craft

Spring Chick Paper Craft for Kids

What you need:

To make thisĀ spring chick paper craft you will need the following:

  • white construction paper for the base
  • green paper (print paper is super easy to work with, construction paper will be OK too)
  • paper glue (we think glue sticks work best)
  • scissors or paper trimmer
  • yellow construction paper for the chicks
  • wiggle eye stickers (or google eyes or just plain markers)
  • circle punch (you can trace and cut the circles as an alternative)
  • orange paper for beaks (or orange marker)

Have everything you need? Just follow our tutorial and let’s make them. If you don’t have construction paper in colors you can always have the kids color the paper before making this craft.

Additional colors are good too as kids can also make flowers, bunnies, etc.

We have prepared both video instructions for you to watch and a photo tutorial (with tips and tricks).

Watch the Video Tutorial forĀ Spring Chick Paper Craft

Or Follow These Step by Step Instructions

Take the green paper and cut it into many strips. Cut along the length of the paper, you want to make the strips longer rather than shorter. Do not worry if they are shorter though as you can always glue more together when needed.

The strips of paper don’t have to be the same width and length.

If younger kids are making this craft, cut (or have them cut) wider strips of paper as those will be easier to handle. Older kids can make them thinner.

When you have a nice amount, move to the next step, you can always cut more if you will need them.


Take the white base construction paper.

Apply glue on one corner – the surface on which you apply the glue should be as wide as the paper stripsĀ you will glue onto is.

Take one strip of paper and stick one end on the white base, where you applied the glue.

Press down for a little while for the glue to set.

Continue applying the glue, this time stay in the same line with the paper strip but do not apply it along the whole line.

Leave some space “without” glue and just apply a small amount at one point – inch or two (2-5 cm) from the corner where you first applied glue.

Now glue the paper strip, the one that’s already glued to the base on that point.

Do arch it a little bit – make a wave. Press down for a moment for the glue to set.

Repeat until you come to the other corner, making the distances between “glue spot” different and making the arches different size too. Nothing wrong if they are all the same either.

If you run out of you paper strip, just take another one and continue.

Take another paper strip and repeat. Repeat with all until the whole base is covered.

Some of the paper strips are probably looking over the edge of your meadow :).

Cut them off.

Time to add the Easter chicks for thisĀ Spring Chick Paper Craft šŸ˜‰

Take a paper punch and punch a few circles.

You can also use scissors – we usually trace around glasses, lids and all kinds of containers to get the circle shape and then cut along that line with scissors.

Cut two wings per chick from yellow construction paper too.

Glue them on the back of the paper circles (both sides can be the back side at this point).

Cut cute little beaks out of orange construction paper. Glue them on the chicks.

Also stick on two wiggle eye stickers or draw the chick eyes.

Glue the chicks on the meadow.

Your Spring Chick Paper Craft is ready to be showcased!

Adorable Spring Chick Paper Craft



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