Simple Paper Snowman Craft

There’s nothing better than a clever and quick craft and this simple paper snowman craft is just that. Perfect little classroom project for winter months that can easily be turned into decoration.

Make this Simple Paper Snowman Craft for Kids

Simple Paper Snowman Craft

What you need

  • white paper
  • scissors
  • buttons (pom poms or paper will do just nicely too, or just use a marker)
  • orange paper
  • glue
  • black marker


Cut 3 strips of paper. Two can be the same width, but make one a bit thinner.


Make a paper roll from each of them. Start with one of the wider ones. The next wide one, you will want to make the diameter of the roll a bit smaller (cut the excess paper). Do the same with the last roll, make it smaller in diameter than you did the roll before.


Glue the rolls together. If you’re using glue that takes a while to set you can help yourself with clothespins. That way you can start decorating while you wait for the glue to set.


Glue on buttons, draw the mouth and eyes and glue on paper carrot.

If you want your snowman to stand tall you will need to weight it down with something (rocks). We recommend hanging though, a bunch of these adorable snowmen will make a wonderful classroom decoration.

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Simple Paper Snowman Craft

Simple Paper Snowman Craft for Kids

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