Simple Oreo Turkey Cookies

I’m sure you’ll have some left over candy corn from Halloween and what better way to use it than to make these Simple Turkey Cookies just in time for Thanksgiving.

You can serve these along with the leaf cookies that are super easy to make too!

Simple Oreo Turkey Cookies

These are insanely fun looking and really easy to make so kids will love doing these!

Let’s make some simple turkey cookies



Chocolate frosting

Wilton Candy eyes

Candy corns


Turkey Cookies

Open your OREO cookie resist to eat it, I know a hard step to follow especially as the yummy white filling is staring right at you.

Apply a small amount of frosting in the middle.

Make turkey feathers by evenly spacing out candy corn onto the frosting (which serves as delicious glue).

Gently put the two cookie parts together. Push lightly – just enough for the two halves to stick together.

Take a small drop of frosting and use this as a glue to apply the eyes.

Take another candy corn and break it apart leaving just a small orange piece to make the beak (or just use a whole candy corn).

And that’s it! Rinse and repeat until you have a whole rafter of turkeys (did you know a group of turkeys is called a rafter?).

Easy Turkey Cookies Kids Can Make

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