Sheep Paper Plate Craft – Easter Craft Ideas

With Easter approaching we are upping our Easter craft game – this sheep paper plate craft being a fun pick to make during the holiday.

This sheep craft with cotton balls is perfectly fluffy and fun to do be it at school or at an classroom Easter party.

Cute Sheep Paper Plate Craft for Kids

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If you need sheep craft ideas this fluffy one is certainly one to consider making. It’s easy, it’s quick and did we mention fluffy? Oh so adorable. If you are not fan of all the fluff, you can easily replace the cotton balls with torn construction paper or just use the paper plate without anything added.

This craft is easy enough for a preschooler and kids in kindergarten to handle. We love the use of glue guns (not suitable for the youngest kids) with these kinds of projects just make sure (and this is super important) you have a low temperature one for kids to work with.

Regular white school glue will work out nice with cotton balls as well.

Sheep Paper Plate Craft

  • Small paper plate
  • Black card stock
  • White card stock
  • Cotton balls
  • Low temp glue gun

Are you ready to start?


Carefully glue cotton balls to your paper plate until your plate is full. This is easily done with a glue gun, but we previsouly did other paper plate crafts where we used regular white school glue and it worked out well too (takes longer too dry but works out great).


Draw a circle about 3.5-4″ wide with two 1/2-1″ ears (doesn’t need to be exact) for a sheep head from your black paper and glue to the center of your cotton ball covered plate. Again white school glue works as well too.


Cut out two large circles about 1-1 1/2″, color two smaller black dots in the center, and glue the to the sheep’s head. We really think big goofy eyes add some personality to this craft.


All there is left to do is to cut out 4 small rectangles and glue 2 on each side of the sheep’s head for legs.


Isn’t this silly guy adorable?


Your Easter sheep paper plate craft is all done! Have fun!


Adorable Sheep Paper Plate Craft for KidsCute Sheep Paper Plate Craft

Sheep Paper Plate Craft for Kids

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  1. I will have to try that paper plate sheep craft day with the my Sunday school class. We will use glue all instead of hot glue because I teach preschoolers in Sunday School.

    • Regular glue works just as well with cotton balls, we’ve used it in many of our other crafts projects :).

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