Printable Halloween Puppets

Excited about Halloween? We sure are! We designed 4 fun printable Halloween puppets, that will be a perfect DIY project for a Halloween party with the kids (either at home or in the classroom).

Let’s have some fun crafting these Halloween monsters!

Printable Halloween Puppets. A fun printable Halloween activity for kids to make at home or in the classroom.

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We are a bit crazy about Halloween crafts for kids, it’s a great time of the year to bring out all the ghouls! What better time of the year to make a bunch of witches, scary looking pumpkins, skeletons, vampires, and other monsters?

This set of printable Halloween puppets comes both in a black and white version for kids to color in however they see fit and as a pre-colored puppets in case they just want to dive in and play.

There are 4 fun monsters included:

The wicked witch, looking all cool with her crocked teeth.

And a chatty little skeleton.

Halloween Puppets

A bloodsucking vampire, just waiting to take a bite at something juicy.

A Jack-o-Lantern that is ready to tell it’s tales of horrors.

Printable Halloween Puppets

You can grab all of these Halloween printables at the end of this tutorial.

Ready? Let’s get crafting!

How to Make the Printable Halloween Puppets

What you need:

  • our printable templates (you can grab them at the end of this tutorial)
  • paper (heavier print paper is best, regular one will work just fine too)
  • printer
  • scissors
  • glue
  • optional: coloring supplies

You can also pretty things up with glitter, gemstones…

Watch the Video Tutorial


Or Follow These Step by Step Instructions

Print out our template. You can print them on regular print paper although heavier print paper is recommended.

You can print on regular white paper or use colored paper where it works – like orange paper for the Jack-o-Lantern printable Halloween puppet.

If you printed our black and white printable templates to color in, now is the best time to do it.

We love coloring with markers!

Once you have colored your puppet, it’s almost time to cut it out.

First make a cut to separate it from the strips, don’t jet trim it.

You’ll notice there are markings next to the puppet, showing you where you need to make the folds.

Make the folds along those dashed lines.

To make the folds really crisp, run your finger or a craft stick over the folds.

Now cut out the puppet.

And strips and teeth if you are making a vampire.

If making a vampire, you’ll have to stick the teeth into it’s mouth.

Fold along the dashed line on the teeth and apply glue on the area with the word glue on it.

Glue inside the mouth.

Cut the straps.

Glue them (arched) on the puppet.

All done!

Your Halloween puppet is ready to be played with.

Printable Halloween Puppets

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  1. Thank so much for that cute idea! I need cool projects like that for my special need students ( and also my regular students!! )

  2. Thank you, Andreja! I love the fun craft ideas, and I appreciate that you shared the templates! I can’t wait to try these with the kids.

  3. Thank you so much for this free craft. Absolutely brilliant! Such a simple idea but so clever. My son has enjoyed making all of the designs! I’ve also used them for my students and they loved them too.

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