Paper Roll Snowman Craft – Winter Crafts for Kids

Let’s make a snowman or two! We’ve got quite a few snowman crafts on the website already so it was about time we also did this cool paper roll snowman craft. Grab all the rolls you can and lets make a bunch of these cuties.

Paper Roll Snowman Craft for Kids

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What you need

  • toilet paper rolls or kitchen paper rolls (you can buy paper craft rolls online)
  • white paper or white paint
  • colored paper (orange is a must for carrot nose)
  • black marker
  • scissors
  • glue

Cut the white paper and glue it around the paper roll. Alternatively you can also paint the paper roll white. Cut a strip of colored paper for the scarf and a carrot shape out of orange paper.


Wrap the strip of paper around the paper roll (just above the middle).


Glue together to make a scarf.


Draw eyes, mouth and buttons with a black marker.

Paper Roll Snowman Craft

Glue on the nose and your toilet Paper Roll Snowman Craft is done!

More Ideas to Make a Toilet Paper Roll Snowman Craft

Why stick to one style when you can make snowmen in so many different ways. With just a bit of tweaking and playing around your kids can make all kinds of snowmen crafts.

Toilet Paper Roll Snowman Craft with Scarf

Give your snowman a hat! Roll a small black rectangle and stick it inside the toilet paper roll. If you have any scrap fabric, you can make the snowman scarf with fabric instead of using paper.

You can also make the hats by directly gluing a paper strip around the loo roll. Washi tape is great for making scarves as well.

If your kids love all things ninja, you can have them turn the toilet paper roll snowmen into fun-looking ninja snowmen. An old shoelace works wonders for this one.

Older kids can make small paper cones and use them as hats for their snowmen. Not the easiest to make, but looks oh-so cute.

Make them shine! Chances are you’ll end up with quite a bit of shiny wrapping paper after the holidays. Recycle it and have the kids make shiny hats for their snowmen. Brown cardstock can be used to make twig hands for the snowmen too. Tissue paper works great for making scarves.

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Paper Roll Snowman Craft for your Little Ones
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