Toilet Paper Roll Bee Craft for Kids

Bees are one of the most hard working bugs out there and certainly one of the most important ones. If you’ve got a little bee lover at home why not make this adorable kitchen or toilet paper roll bee craft.

Easy to make and it looks adorable, doesn’t it?

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Toilet Paper Roll Bee Craft


What you need

  • paper roll
  • wiggly eyes stickers (you’ll fall in love with these)
  • yellow, light blue and black paper
  • scissors
  • glue stick
  • black marker
  • scissors

Cut a strip of yellow paper, it needs to be the same width as the paper roll (or a little bit wider as you can always trim the excess paper). Apply glue and wrap the paper around the paper roll.


Cut strips from black paper and wrap a few around the “bottom” part of the toilet paper roll.


Take two wiggly eyes stickers and stick them onto the roll. Draw mouth (and other detail if you wish) with marker.


Cut wings and antennae and glue them onto the paper roll.

Voila! You’ve got yourself a nice looking toilet paper roll bee craft.

More easy bee toilet paper roll crafts for kids

If you want to make the bees even cuter, cut off a portion of the paper roll to make the bee’s bodies shorter.

Cute toilet paper roll bee craft idea for kids to make

You can use pom poms to make the antenna fuzzy looking.

Toilet paper roll bee craft

Want to recycle even more? You can use up old eye brushes that come with some palettes.

Bee craft

Cereal boxes can be used to make the wings as well.

Paper roll bee craft

Paper rolls are such a fun material to craft with, you can use any paper rolls really (you can even buy them in some rolls, specially for crafting with kids), we mostly use the ones from kitchen paper towels as you can easily have them in more lengths.

Toilet paper roll bee craft

Ready to venture into the woods? Make a pair of toilet paper roll foxes. We’ve also got a lovely pair of toilet paper roll dogs, you can make a dalmatian and dachshund (or any other bread really). Also check this funky toilet paper roll turkey, such a wacky looking one.

Cute Toilet Paper Roll Bee Craft
Cute Toilet Paper Roll Bee Craft for Kids
Bee Collage

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