Paper Craft Flowers 3D Coloring Pages

I’m really excited to share these paper craft flowers 3D coloring pages with you as they give coloring a whole new dimension. These bring two of my passions together, the intricate coloring and the detailed paper crafting.

If you’re more a fan of paper crafts than coloring pages for adults though there’s a pre-colored version included in the printable too!

Paper Craft Flowers 3D Coloring Pages

Paper Craft Flowers 3D Coloring Pages

What you need to make these gorgeous paper craft flowers 3D coloring pages beauties

  • flower template (black and white coloring pages or pre-colored ones)
  • coloring medium (I really recommend something that bleeds through – we usually don’t like this when we color but this time it’s well worth it as flowers will have color on both sides)
  • glue (I used glue stick, think glue pen is another great selection)
  • scissors
  • round pen for curling the petals

Flower Template

Print your flower. I’ve made  different sizes to color and 3 different sizes pre-colored so you can make a whole lot of flowers (print as many as you like), the smallest one can be a little bit challenging. There’s also a selection of leaves to color and pre-colored to make these look even better.

Color the flower parts (the circle with eights serves as a base so you don’t need to color that).

Cut all the parts out.

Cutting the Petals

Curl the petals by wrapping them around the round pen.

You’ll notice a straight dashed line at the bottom of each petal. Cut along that line.

Making the 3D Flower Petals

On the left side of the dashed line there is another dashed line marking the edge of the small triangle where you’ll apply glue. Apply glue and move the right part of the petal so that the straight dashed line (the one along which you have previously cut) aligns with the diagonal dashed line. Hold together for a while for the glue to set.

Paper Craft Petals

Repeat with all other petals. Sort them by size, you should have 8 large (outer), 8 medium (middle) and 8 small (inside) ones.

Take the base and start sticking on the 8 large petals. Apply glue on the petal and stick it onto the outer edge of the base, the middle of the petal centred with the line on the base. Next glue on a petal on the opposite side of the one you just glued one. The other two go in between the two you just glued one. Stick the other 4 between the 4 you already have, this way they will slightly (and evenly) overlap.

Outer Petals

Do the same with the middle ones, with these not being centred with the line but between two lines.

The smallest ones are again centred with the lines on the base.


Take the flower centre, this part also has small petals, cut them apart (they should still be attached to the centre just not to each other). Bend them slightly. Add glue on the bottom and stick the flower centre in the centre of your flower. And there you have your Paper Craft Flowers 3D.

Finsihing Touches

You can even play with them a little bit, like take the largest one and insert the small one in it, to make an even more amazing 3D paper flower.

Flower Coloring Page Paper Craft

Paper Flower Craft

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