Handprint and Footprint Angel Craft

Christmas time is also time for Angles, whether you are religious or not this handprint and footprint Angel craft is fun to make.

Christmas handprint and footprint crafts make wonderful gifts for grandparents and other family members (friends too ūüėČ )

Handprint and Footprint Angel Craft for Kids

Handprint and Footprint Angel Craft


  • Blue Constructions Paper
  • White, Yellow and Gray Sparkle Paint
  • A paint brush
  • Willing foot and hands!


With the white paint… use the brush to paint the bottom of your child’s foot and lightly press down onto the paper.
This will create the body of your angel.

Paint each hand, this is easier to do one at a time, and press down on each side of the footprint.
Make sure the toes are pointed downward. Each hand will create your angel wing.

Angel Craft

Allow to dry completely.

Use yellow paint to make the halo and hair (hair is optional) and black for the face.
Reference our picture or use your imagination to make your own face !

Makes a great gift – pop this into an 8×10 frame and wrap it!

More fun and easy festive crafts for kids to make

Another fun Christmasy footprint project you can make is this lovely reindeer footprint salt dough ornament. Also check this simple Santa salt dough keepsake or this fingerprint ornament – they will all make wonderful gifts.

Handprint and Footprint Angel Craft

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