Felt Christmas Tree Ornament

Getting excited about decorating your Christmas tree? DIY ornaments you say? Well, today we are sharing this felt Christmas tree ornament tutorial that is perfect for kids to make, especially if they want to learn sewing.

Christmas Tree Felt Ornament Craft for Kids to Make

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Felt Christmas Tree Ornament

  • green felt
  • brown felt
  • thread
  • small buttons in various colors
  • larger buttons (optional)
  • needle
  • fgood fabric scissors
  • stuffing (real one, cotton balls, scrap fabric)
  • felt glue (optional, but handy)
  • ribbon for hanging


Cut small triangles out of green felt. You will need 2  for 1 ornament. Cut a small rectangle out of brown felt. Cut ribbon for hanging.


Sew the buttons onto one green triangle (glue gun works well too). Make a loop with the ribbon and place it on the other triangle (we helped ourselves with glue dots to secure the ribbon in place)


Sew the ribbon to the triangle. Now place the green triangle with buttons on top of the other one. Place the brown rectangle between the triangles (securing it with a dab of felt glue). Start sewing around the edges, all way around the green triangles.


When you are half way done, add some stuffing into the ornament for it to get a nice full shape. Continue sewing until you are all the way around. Tie a know.

Felt Christmas Tree Ornament DIY

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Felt Christmas Tree Ornament Craft for Kids to Make

Felt Christmas Tree Ornament

Felt Christmas Tree Ornament Craft for Little Ones

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