Dog Coloring Pages – Free Printable

Why have one dog when you can have 10! Well at least as far as these free dog coloring pages are concerned!

Dogs are one of the most asked for pets and why wouldn’t they be – they are men’s best friends and the bond they make with kids can really be something special (and this is coming from a cat person!).

Dog Coloring Pages

Free Printable Dogs Coloring Pages

While personally my favorite “breed” is the mut from the shelter – we have a lovely shelter fur ball at home – this printable pack has 10 different breeds that are quite popular!

From small ones to big ones!

So we’ve got;

*the always fashionable Poodle (a super smart breed – I think it’s the second smartest dog breed).

*the official fire house dog the Dalmatian (one of kids favorite breeds, I do admit though that there isn’t much to color on this page 😛 ).

*the always adorable Pomeranian.

*the fierce Chivava (while I do think they are cute they scare the heck out of me – ha!).

*adorable Corgi.

*dog with a strong name – Dachshund.

*foxy lady (or mister) Shiba inu.

*always rocking a great hairstyle Maltese.

* family favorite Labrador.

*And last but not least a Schnauzer.

As you see lots of fun breeds!

Bring the crayons out and lets color these Free Dogs Coloring Pages

Free Printable Dog Coloring Pages for Kids

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  1. Thanks for sharing. We are learning with a pet theme now…pet store, pet clinic, pet daycare, etc., so the coloring pages will come in handy in the art center

  2. My granddaughter is 4 yrs old and loves to color. They are large and easy to color. Thank you so much for sharing your gift with us!

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