Cotton Rounds Angels Ornaments – Christmas Ornaments for Kids to Make

These cotton rounds angels ornaments are super simple to make and look oh so pretty!

We’ve been busy making all kinds of Christmas ornaments but this one, in it’s simplicity, might just be my favorite.

Cotton Rounds Angels Ornaments - such an adorable Christmas craft for kids

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Cotton Rounds Angels Ornaments

What you need

  • cotton rounds
  • large white beads – 12 mm at least (wood, fabric, plastic – whichever you can get)
  • glue
  • string
  • scissors


String the bead. Take one cotton round and add glue along the outer edge – making a half circle.


Place the bead in the centre – the string over the glue. Now fold the cotton round as shown on the images bellow. Press down a little so the glue sets-

Making a Cotton Rounds Angel

Cut one cotton round to halves. Take one half and add a dab of glue on the middle. Put the angel body on the angel wings and allow the glue to dry.

Angel Wings

You can decorate the angel legs with white sequin as we did. If you want the angels to look a little bit livelier you can add facial expresions or decorate their dress and wings with markers (or glitter! Glitter is always fun to use, not so fun to clean though ha!)


Cotton Rounds Angel Craft

More Christmas Crafts for Kids

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Cotton Rounds Angel Ornament - such an adorable Christmas craft for kids

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