Christmas Tree Corner Bookmarks – Origami for Kids

If your kids are eager to make their own DIY gifts for Christmas these Christmas Tree Corner Bookmarks are perfect!

This is one of the simplest origami projects so it’s perfect for beginners and as it only takes a few minutes to make it’s also a great project for the classroom.

Be sure to also grab our handy printable folding diagram.

Simple Christmas Tree Corner Bookmarks Paper Craft for Kids

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Christmas Tree Corner Bookmark


What you need

  • green origami paper
  • brown paper
  • glue
  • scissors
  • decorations (sequin, paper, pom poms)

You can grab the free printable folding diagram at the end of this tutorial.

Step by Step Folding Instructions


Fold the green origami paper diagonally (both sides).

Fold into a triangle, with the colored side of the origami paper on the outside.

Grab hold of the top of one layer of paper (the top corner of the triangle) and fold it toward the bottom (you’ll see a white square).


Fold both sides of the triangle towards the middle, crease and unfold.

Now fold both flaps towards the top of the triangle and crease. You’ll now see a green square.

Tuck the flaps inside the pocket. Press down and crease.

Cut the Christmas tree shape (be careful when cutting, only cut out “triangles,” or the corner bookmark will fall apart).

You can also leave it as it is and not cut it out.


Cut a small rectangle out of brown paper and glue it in the middle.

We decided to decorate our corner bookmark with paper, we made the baubles with the hole puncher and used the scissors to cut the star (our how to draw a star tutorial might help here or you can also grab our printable star outlines).

More Corner Bookmarks to Make

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Christmas Tree Corner Bookmark
Christmas Tree Corner Bookmark Simple Paper Craft for Kids

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  1. Hi! These are so cute! I want to make them with my students at school. Is there another type of paper you can recommend that would work but be cheaper than oragami paper?


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