Accordion Paper Snake Craft

Even if you’re not a fan of snake you’ll have to admit this accordion paper snake craft is just adorable!

A easy craft project for you to do with your kids and a great start to origami for kids.

Cute Accordion Paper Snake Craft for Kids to Make

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Are you a fan of snakes? I admit I was a bit (and that is an understatement) intimidated by them when i was a kid but became a fan in my college years when I fist got the chance to actually hold one.

Well, even if you or your kids are not really fans of snakes, this paper craft version sure is fun and cute to make.

As there is quite some cutting and folding needed to make this one, it makes for a great fine motor exercise, making this craft idea perfect for younger kids (and fun for older).

Accordion Paper Snake Craft - Simple and fun craft for kids a perfect intro to origami!

I was kind of obsessed with making these paper chains as a kid for a while – I was making a ton and couldn’t stop! We used them as party decorations, celebrations, just because and I loved making them!

If you want to make this project with kids in kindergarten or preschool you need to make the paper strips wider – they will be easier to handle that way (and less precision is needed when folding). Older kids can handle thin strips easily.Cute Accordion Paper Snake Craft for Kids

Accordion Paper Snake Craft for Kids

What we love about this snake craft idea is that it can be a quick and simple project. Or you can make it to be a more “patience” needed kind of a thing. You can make cute short snakes or go on a mission to have one snakes go all around your living room. Kids will have fun making super long snakes!

If you want to turn this into a fun classroom craft you can also have your students each make their own segment of the body of the snake and once all the kids are done making theirs, you can connect them all together into one long accordion paper snake craft garland.

Let’s make an Accordion Paper Snake Craft

What you need:

  • colorful print paper – you can use one color but we think two colors work out super nicely.
  • scissors or paper trimmer
  • glue
  • wiggle eye stickers or googly eyes
  • black marker

Watch the Accordion Paper Snake Craft Video Tutorial


Or Follow These Simple Step by Step Instructions

Start by cutting the paper into even strips (they don’t have to be super duper even).

You can make them as wide or as thin as you want – younger kids will be able to handle wider strips easier.

If you are working with scissors the easiest way to go about this is to fold the paper (letter or A4) into half, fold that half into half again… And again.

Unfold and cut along the folds. You can leave it folded in half and cut, making two strips at a time. I recommend using two colors as the end project will look fun. Naturally you can just use one or even use more.

Once you have your strips separate them into two groups. If older kids will be making this craft you (or they) can join the strips with glue or duct tape to get two super long strips.

For younger kids glue on the stripes, or have them add strips by themselves as they fold – as longer strips are harder to work with.



Time to Start Folding

Now that you’ve got your two strips glue them together under a 90° angle.

Fold the bottom strip over the top one (keeping the 90° angle) and crease the fold.

Again take the bottom strip and fold it over the top one.

Continue until you run out of strips to fold and add a dash of glue on the last fold.

If you are making a super long snake, do add a dab of glue here and there as you go.

This will make things more “secure”.

Cut a snake shaped head and tongue from the paper and glue it onto the last fold. Decorate with googly eyes and black marker for nostrils.

Your accordion paper snake craft is finished and you can stretch, pull and wiggle it as much as you like!

This one is not only fun to make it’s also super fun to play with.

Adorable Accordion Paper Snake Craft




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  1. I remember making this type of craft when I was a child. This will be perfect for one of our mommy and me activities. Thank you! So cute!

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